Finding a New Perspective on Church

May 26, 2022
Bible Group Study

Just a few weeks after launching the Jesus’ Church group study and people are talking about how it’s already impacting them.

One house church leader from Southern California, Brandy*, said, “I was surprised by how well the discussion at the end [of Lesson 1] stirred transparency and vulnerability among the group.” The first question asks, “Do you believe you have received revelation of who Jesus is, and if so, who do you personally say He is?” She shared that this question provoked some really honest conversation. Brandy said “we delved into the … disconnect we sometimes have with who we say Jesus is and who is He actually is.” This, in turn, provoked discussion about the real-life impact of knowing Him more intimately.

As the group sat around the table she was surprised at how even new visitors began to open up, which actually led to further bonding the house church. Brandy confirmed, “I know we would not have experienced this in a traditional church setting.” Once again restating the power and value of house church.

As for the study (which doesn’t need to be done in a house church, but any gathering of believers), what is Brandy’s takeaway?  “This Jesus’ church study is giving many the opportunity to wrestle through tough questions and come out more firm in our understanding of who Jesus really is and who we are meant to be as the body of Christ.” And that is what it is all about.


*Names have been changed in consideration of those who may be connected to our stories.

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